What Do We Mean By Sacred?

Sacred Poetics LA’s mission is to provide sacred space to create and share your stories, poems, meditations and musings. To us, sacred space means respect, means open dialogue, means safety to share intimate and personal work. It means that we give compassionate critique, rather than harsh criticism, to our workshop peers. These are the tenets of a Sacred Poetics workshop.

The word sacred has a religious or spiritual connotation. We acknowledge this meaning of the word, and want our members to know that we are open to whatever level of spiritual connection they wish to bring to their work. For some, sacred means holy, for others, it means tapping into something bigger than ourselves–the force that drives us to create.

Sacred means honor, acknowledgment and respect for our work, our process, our peers, and poetry itself. We hope that writing will become a ritual for our members, however it manifests in their lives.

The enrollment deadline is fast approaching. Hope you’ll sign up.

Please ask about payment plans.

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My name is Zoë and I am pleased to welcome you to Sacred Poetics Los Angeles. I am a poet, teacher and postpartum doula and for a long time I have wanted to create an endeavor that allows me to share poetry and writing with others. I love teaching and facilitating groups, especially when all involved are open to sharing honestly and compassionately. My hope is find people who want to spark their writing lives, enhance them or get back to them. Writing outside of a group is hard for me, personally. I need the support of others to motivate me to create my work. I believe others feel this way too. I want to create intimate workshop spaces where we are able to share our work in a safe, sacred space.

I hope you find one of the workshop offerings intriguing and sign up as the first to enter the journey with Sacred Poetics LA. I know we will find enrichment and joy in the work we create and the time we spend together.


Zoë Etkin
Sacred Poetics Los Angeles

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